4 thoughts on “i love this interview.

  1. Whew! It was an interesting interview, yes. When I was in nursing school, I learned about Abraham Maslow’s heirarchy of human needs. This was a pyramid diagram, where basic needs like air, food and water were at the bottom of the pyramid. These were the basic things needed for human survival. Then, as the pyramid rose, other needs came into play, like love and belonging. Eventually, once we had all these levels of needs fulfilled, we could rise to the top level, which was where spirituality and altruism existed. It seems that many of the world’s peoples are close to near the bottom of the basic pyramid, and still struggling to have these basic levels of needs met. The interview looks toward that highest level, regarding consciousness, intent, and knowing truth in context. I think with humans, it is also on a sliding scale of knowing and understanding…a continuim. We revert when we perceive or experience a massive assault to self, such as with illness and disease, or in times of great personal loss, such as death of a loved one. I feel the levels are also dimensional, and as he mentioned, ego driven, so we do move in and out of then a bit, depending on how needs are no longer being met. Wonderful food for thought….. Thanks for sharing! ❤️


    1. thank you for the depth of your comment, Lynne, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts.With all of that background, I bet you are a really great nurse! All I know is I knew we were connected the minute you grabbed me to dance through the ballroom! xoxoxo ❤


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