140738main_pia03296-browseI had a dream the other night where I was sitting at a lush green park watching a tai chi class in progress. All of a sudden one of the individuals in the group broke into an exuberant cartwheel across the grass. Right after the class, two other members approached me utterly aghast at the inappropriate behavior of the cartwheeler, and proceeded to gossip about her life and shortcomings.

the last thing I remember is mentioning to the gossip-mongers how important it was that they listen to the lessons of tai chi.

then I woke up. and laughed.

Real Me has never done tai chi. Real Me has no idea of what lessons Dream Me was referring to. But Real Me got a huge kick out of the idea of a cartwheel in a tai chi class.

So I am delighted to leave you with this stupendous galaxy photo from NASA. Guess what the name of it is?  CARTWHEEL.






IMG_3161 Yes, I carry my camera in the car with me. Nature stops me in my tracks in some of the most mundane places. Like a parking lot right outside a dentist office, where a luscious pile of apple and plum petals had blown against the curb. I find it utterly breathtaking. Imagine tossing that beauty in the air and twirling around under a shower of pink confetti!

we are stardust

I named my blog to reflect where I am and how much I still have to learn.
It’s a comforting phrase that can shift my perspective.
here is a place I can share art,
and  honor friends, artists and teachers who have sprinkled my life with stardust.